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The World’s Largest Turkey

“Even serious art here tends to run toward the whimsical, and on the less serious side there is a frightening amount of large roadside sculpture in the state….” – Minnesota Curiosities

Frazee, Minnesota is home to Big Tom, the World’s Largest Turkey. The original Big Tom was built in 1985, fashioned out of fiberglass, styrofoam and cardboard over a metal frame. He stood 22 feet high and for 12 years delighted the sightseers of Frazee. As he was being cleaned in 1997, Big Tom caught on fire, the flames shooting up 30 feet in the air.

In this video, the two brothers responsible for setting Big Tom on fire demonstrate the true extent of Minnesota nice.

BONUS: in case you want to see another Midwestern roadside attraction going up in flames, here’s the great Touchdown Jesus fire of 2010:



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