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Auditions for Munchen: Monday, December 15!

Seeking large, talented ensemble of performers for the 11-episode podcast Munchen, Minnesota

Get in on the ground floor of what the New York Times is calling the “audio renaissance” in storytelling, with podcasts such as Serial and Welcome to Night Vale attracting record-setting audience numbers.

Rusty old mill town

Secrets rumbling underneath

Scooby gang unite!

Monday, December 15th
The Parish Hall at Cleveland Public Theatre
6407 Detroit Avenue (Just east of the Gordon Square Theatre)
Cleveland, OH  44107

Please email herman.mindy@gmail.com or jgville@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.  Actors will read selections from the script. All auditions will be recorded.

Munchen, Minnesota
Written by Christine Borne and Justin Glanville
Directed by Mindy Childress Herman
Sound Engineering and Design by Sam Fisher

ABOUT THE SERIES: Like a lot of older industrial cities in the Midwest, Munchen, Minnesota has fallen on hard times. Many of the town’s neighborhoods have emptied, leaving houses vacant and crumbling. Crime is rampant. But Munchen’s got an even more serious problem: it’s on the verge of a supernatural infestation. And the only people with the power to save it are a geeky teenage girl, her gay librarian father, and an ambitious city planner who didn’t have a clue what he was in for when he transferred from the East Coast. It’s a combination of horror, mystery, comedy and family drama.

The pilot episode, “It’s Pronounced Munchin’” will be recorded in front of a live audience as part of Cleveland Public Theatre’s Dark Room on Tuesday, January 13th at 7:00pm. Actors must be available for rehearsals the week of January 4th.

We are looking to cast a large number of actors for the entire series, but are especially interested in casting the following roles for the pilot episode. Since this is a podcast, a strong voice and acting talent is more important than whether or not an actor looks the role. We are also seeking female actors.

Jonathan Jewell, 26, is an urban planner recently fired from his job with a federal housing agency in Washington, D.C. Out of desperation, he’s just accepted a job with the Munchen, Minnesota Department of Housing and Development. He grew up in L.A., the son of affluent parents. He is African American.

Raul Aceveda, 31, is Steve’s boyfriend of two years. He is of Puerto Rican descent, works as a junior marketing executive at Ladyslipper Cosmetics, Inc., and is a big name in the local drag scene.

Miles Redfeather, 14, is of Native American descent. He’s Meredith’s classmate at Munchen South High School. Nerdy and overweight, he’s the target of much ridicule by his more popular, athletic peers. He lives with his overworked mother, a nurse, and his father, a truck driver.

Please email herman.mindy@gmail.com or jgville@gmail.com for more information.


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