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Giveaway Time!

Munchen is now on Twitter — you can follow us at @MunchenMN. (We’re used to being followed by the pitter-pat of tiny feet, so it won’t creep us out too much.)

So to celebrate (and because we’ve had the Dark Crystal on the brain lately), we’ve got an early Christmas present for all of you Dark Crystal fans out there:

If we can get to 100 followers by Friday, December 20, we’ll give away a free critique of your Dark Crystal Author Quest contest entry (10,000 words max).

Our critique will include:

  • A one-page editorial letter
  • Suggestions on plot, character, setting, and pacing;
  • Light copy editing

And, since the deadline is coming up fast, we’ll get it back to you by Monday, December 23.

Just follow us on Twitter and retweet this tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 10.40.05 PM

(It’s easy to find – it’s been too cold to tweet much.)

If we get to 100 followers by 9 pm EST on Friday, we’ll pick a winner. If you want to be considered for the drawing, just tweet “please consider me for the drawing” at us — and then get off the Internet and get to work on your story.


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When Single Shines the Triple Sun, or, Stay Tuned! Major Dark Crystal Stuff Coming Next Week

Any Dark Crystal fans out there?

By now, you’ve surely watched the Restored Original Cut that was posted onĀ Mental Floss last week. You haven’t? Stop what you’re doing and watch:

Justin and I watched this more or less immediately (#nerdalert). This weekend we’re going to sit down and formally discuss it, and next week, we’ll post a transcript of our geekish gabfest. Want to participate? Drop us a line in the comments!

(Oh, and by the way, is anyone else participating in the Dark Crystal Author Quest? Submissions are due December 31, so get off the Internet and get to work!)


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